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Quantum domestic sewage treatment systems are designed to meet the new wastewater industry standard AS / NZS 1546.3 : 2001. Using well-proven sewage treatment technology, the Quantum system has been independently tested and efficiently complies with New Zealand standards.

Why do I need a waste water system ?

Anyone thinking about building in a rural lifestyle area, or any area not serviced by a mains sewerage system must install an on-site wastewater system. As rural properties generally have access to limited amounts of water, efficient recycling and re-use of that waste water will allow you to save using precious drinking water to water your lawns and plants.

To view typical water use in New Zealand, click the enlarge button to view the pie-chart.

The Quantum System Overview:

The Quantum system has been designed to treat normal domestic sewage. The Quantum system is the pefect choice for lifestyle properties as we offer a high-quality, durable solution at an affordable price.

When you're designing your lifestyle property, the last thing you want is a septic tank interrupting the views you've paid to enjoy. The Quantum system has a full concrete design, is unobtrusive and easily landscaped into the surrounds. The above-ground access to the system is stylish and made of extremely strong concrete - making this an exceptionally safe choice if you have children around.

With the addition of the inbuilt irrigation system - Quantum maximises the efficiency of recycling your waste water to minimise water costs that rural properties often incur.

  • High quality, durable solution at an affordable price
  • Easily landscaped into surrounds
  • Full concrete design for durability and safety
  • Inbuilt irrigation system maximises water usefulness

Our irrigation system uses well-proven UniBioline drip tubing supplied by Netafim, recognised as the world leader in irrigation technology. This tubing has hundreds of tiny emmitters which are seamlessly welded into the tube during manufacture.

Drip irrigation is considered the most efficient method of disposal. It is an intelligent choice for those looking to optimize the reuse potential in wastewater.

Modular Application

We can design and supply a system for a single dwelling or larger commercial development such as a motel or school.

Retrofit Option

Because the Quantum system is modular we can upgrade any existing septic tank system to a fully operational wastewater treatment system using our modern technology.

Our engineering staff can advise you about the practicality and cost of this.

Get the water saving benefits of a modern wastewater irrigation system contact us.

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