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Quantum field support technicians are on-call to provide routine and emergency service.

We provide the commissioning and next three service visits free of charge. After that we will provide an on-going service contract to ensure your system complies with Council maintenance requirements and provides years of trouble-free operation.

We service what we sell – so you deal directly with the people who designed and built your system – the people who know how it should be working.

All service information is recorded on our computerized database so that a complete history of your system is maintained. You may need this in order to fulfil Council requirements or sale and purchase requirements in the future.

Our service technician will provide a copy of each service report at the time of visit.

Confidentiality of information gathered is assured, and is available to you [as owner] at any time on request. As the property ownership changes we will amend the rights to this information on notification.

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