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Quantum will deliver and install your Quantum Waste Water system, however there are a few preliminary steps that need to be completed before we can start the installation.

  • Excavation - Excavated ground should be capable of carrying super-imposed loads of approximately 3 KPa. Your builder should be able to advise you about this.
  • Excavation Dimensions - 2 metres deep x 3 metres x 4 metres.
  • Invert Level - approx 600mm below finished ground level
  • Tanks - Tanks must be level in both inflow and outflow direction.
  • Backfill - Use sand or excavated material with maximum particle size of 50mm.
  • Water - Water is sometimes required on-site to partially fill the tanks once they are placed and back-filled.
  • Electrical - You must organise an electical and drainage contractor to connect the system to house services. Alternatively we will quote this for you separately.
  • The electrical contractor must follow the electrical specifiation supplied with the system alarm panel at the time of delivery. The drainage connection is a standard 100mm sewer inlet.
  • System Ready -At this point the system is ready for commissioning once the tanks are filled with water, and electrical power is provided to the system.


From our local manufacturing yard to your new home.
Delivery to the site.
Tanks are placed into excavated ground and backfilled.

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