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Quantum systems (aerated wastewater treatment system-AWTS) are fully automated and controlled by a programmable electronic module. The system can be regulated to suit household size and hydraulic loading. The module operates the pumps and will detect any mechanical system failure. In the event of any problem, the panel (which is normally located in the house) is equipped with both audible and visual alarms to alert the owner. The automation can be overridden by a manual switch which will mute the alarm for 24 hours then reactivate if the fault is not remedied.

The treatment process used by Quantum systems is similar to that used at large municipal sewage treatment plants and involves the physical separation of solid and liquid, followed by biological reduction and oxidation. The treated clear and odourless liquid is then delivered to the irrigation system and absorbed into the soil where naturally-occurring microbes and plant root systems complete the treatment process and take up nutrients.



The first stage features a twin chamber settlement tank and is similar to principles used in traditional septic tanks. The large capacity of the two chambers acts as a buffer to control the impact of raw sewage entering the system. The primary and secondary settlement chambers are designed to remove approximately 60-70% of solids and 30-40% of the overall strength of the sewage.

This phase of the treatment process is anaerobic (without air).
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Biological Aeration

Following settlement the resulting liquid passes forward to the next stage of treatment in the biological aeration chamber.

The large aeration chamber [2700 litres] contains fixed-film media blocks that provide a large surface area on which naturally occurring bacteria can develop. These micro-organisms thrive on oxygen which is supplied by a linear low-pressure compressor via a special membrane diffuser located beneath the media bed. As the bacteria digest the settled sewage, there is a further reduction of both the strength (which can be measured by Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and the suspended solids.

Ammonia and nitrate levels are also reduced significantly.
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Displaced liquid from the aeration chamber flows in an upward motion through a V-shaped chamber called the clarifier, where any remaining suspended solids are concentrated at the bottom and returned to the first stage of the treatment process by an air-lift pump. These solids (known as activated sludge) are beneficial to the anaerobic phase and so the process is cyclic.
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The discharge pump located in the final chamber delivers treated water to the land-based irrigation field. This needs to be very carefully planned and constructed to maximize the transfer of wastewater to the root zone of the plants. Each system is different and is specifically designed for your site with your input so that an attractive landscape is created to compliment your home. Your wastewater doesn’t become a waste disposal product but a useful garden watering system.

Quantum systems only use tubing and fittings designed and manufactured by Netafim, a world leader in irrigation products.
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